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We are Evidence Tours

We are an international environmentally friendly eco-adventure travel company specializing in adventure, safaris, beach holidays, cultural expeditions, trekking and nature conservation. Our focus is on sustainable and responsible travel.

The company’s mission is to fulfill and deliver the promise of sustainable and Eco-friendly travel. Conservation and restoration of nature will be the guiding force behind each trip. Part of our income will be dedicated to good causes supporting the environment and People surroundings.

We link between people and a great adventure in our beloved country. We offer a variety of different tailor-made/catering to customers’ skills and desires while also providing accommodation, and services of professional guides and the rest of the crew when required.

Our tours take travelers to the most stunningly beautiful and exciting places in Tanzania, offering them opportunities to evidence and experience local cultures in the most authentic way by participating and volunteering in daily activities of local residents while spicing up the trip with a variety of sport and volunteering activities catered to skills and interests of our customers.

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