Spend a day in paradise

Our experienced guide will meet you at “Union Café”, Moshi or any other agreed meeting point. Together you’ll enter the local bus (Daladala) at the central bus station. The ride to Boman’gombe will take 30-45 minutes and is a most authentic experience you don’t want to miss. When you get out the bus, your guide will immediately find a TukTuk which will bring you directly to the hot spring, that is ~18km away. This ride will take you partly over bumpy slopes and dried river beds, baobab trees as well as small villages accompany you on your way.

If you prefer to have a private transfer instead, we are happy to pick you directly from your hotel in the morning after breakfast and you’ll enjoy the ~1 hour ride in our tour-cars (additional fee applies; please contact us directly).

The hot springs of Kikuletwa, also known as Chemka Hot Springs, are close to the village of Rundugai and are one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania to relax. The small pond is surrounded by palm and fig trees with winding roots. Often in the morning there are not many visitors and you can enjoy the crystal clear, turquoise water which invites you to a refreshing bath, so bring your bathing suit. Although they are called hot springs, the water in Kikuletwa is not truly ‘hot’ but refreshing, as the water source is fed by Kilimanjaro itself. Practice your water entry techniques using the rope swing or just relax in one of the swimming-rings. It’s a unique experience, which kind you don’t expect in Tanzania.

Your day at hot spring will definitely round up your stay and provides you with another view on the variety of this country.

Enjoy a wonderful day in just the way you want, in the sun dozing, chatting with the locals at the small bar, or swimming – you determine the course of this day. At noon we will have a picnic lunch, and in the late afternoon we return relaxed to Moshi.


Kikuletwa Hot Springs by public transport (per person)

  1. One Traveler: $85
  2. Two-Person Group: $65 per person
  3. Three-Person Group: $58 per person
  4. Four-Person Group: $56 per person
  5. Five or More-Person Group: $55 per person

All guides speak English | includes bottled water, public transportation, picnic lunch, and entry fees.

For private transfer price, please contact us directly. We are happy to provide you with a personalized offer.

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