Enjoy your time at this authentic experience

We would like to welcome you in the village called “Kambi ya Chooka”. This village was founded by local Maasai and, differing from others that were purely built for touristic purposes; the local people are really living there. For sure this guarantees a much more authentic experience for our clients and is a main reason why we selected it for our clients.


We pick you up in the morning after breakfast and the ride will take you partly over bumpy slopes and dried river beds, baobab trees as well as small villages accompany you on your way.

When we arrive at the village you’ll be welcomed by the local Maasai and introduced to your Maasai guide; still our guide will always accompany you in case you need support, to help with language issues or just for taking nice pictures while you interact with the Maasai, if you like.

We’ll start with a walk through the village and will get useful information about the traditions in the meantime. After entering a typical house you’ll have the chance to dress like a Maasai for the further highlights of the tour: participating in a local Maasai dance – a unique experience which is lot of fun.

While getting further explanation about Maasai houses & typical family structures, you’ll have the chance to see traditional jewelry, which is produced by the local ladies. Questions are always welcome. To find a great final for our local experience there will be an interesting demonstration by Maasai men making fire in very traditional way with only wood, hand skills and dry grass – you’re welcome to try it as well.

Depending on the season you might also see the goats, which are kept within fences made out of thorn bushes near the houses and the men will take you on a quick walk to the water-area to see further sheep, goats & donkeys (subject to change based on weather conditions).

Finally the huge sugar cane plantation, which we will see on our way back, is impressive.

We’re very much looking forward to welcome you – karibu!

For a full day experience you can combine this with our “Kikuletwa Hot Spring tour” (combination price upon request), which is situated in the nearby area.


The Maasai Village Tour (per person)

  1. One Traveler: $150
  2. Two-Person Group: $110 per person
  3. Three-Person Group: $95 per person
  4. Four-Person Group: $90 per person
  5. Five or More-Person Group: $84 per person


All guides speak English | includes bottled water, private transportation, picnic lunch and entry fees.

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