Kilimanjaro Trek

Rising alone from the acacia forests and scrublands at the border of Tanzania and Kenya, the tallest peak in Africa creates an instantly recognizable silhouette. At 5,895m, this natural edifice which is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain can look imposing, however, that does not mean it’s out of our reach. At Evidence Eco-tours, we offer you different routes that will suit all trekkers with different experience and fitness levels and worth every leisure time you spend. Our team which happens to be among the best teams will help you achieve your dreams. Although it may be difficult while you climb, but when you sit at the summit with sprawling savanna far below that you come to the inevitable truth, “it was worth all the time, effort and money”.

Trekking Routes

So, which route is best for you? Well, there are six routes to Mt Kilimanjaro and one route mainly for descending only i.e. Mweka Route.

  1. Lemosho Route
  2. Shira Route
  3. Rongai Route
  4. Marangu Route
  5. Umbwe Route
  6. Machame Route

All trip promises to be a great use of your free time, just get ready.

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