Solo Travel

There are times when we have a desire for true adventure but there’s no one to do it with. Well, no need to worry, we have capable hands and expert local leaders that will show you around and friends who are eager to explore just like you. There are optional single supplements in case you want a room all to yourself. Actually, a majority of our passengers travel solo so you’re not alone. What you really need to do is to turn up with your passport and a smile and leave the rest for us to handle. Come let’s give you the best leisure and holiday experience ideal for a solo traveler.

Solo Travel & Group Tour

When it comes to solo travel, traveling all by yourself makes it easy for you to fall into common tourist traps. This usually causes you to walk a few blocks of your lodge and visit few sites before returning back to your hotel. However, when you solo travel on a group tour, it’s quite different and a great experience. All our trips have experienced leaders that know every cool tapas joint, backstreet bar, and hidden gallery.

You’ll benefit from their wealth of experience because they will offer you useful tips for your free time exploring and also introduce you to locals. This means that even though you go solo, you’re not alone. Most of our trips have a good number of tourists of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. There are ready made friends for several activities that you would like to enjoy and they’re ready to chat over dinner, breakfast or lunch. This will be a nice perk for a solo traveler.

Evidence Eco-tours have perfected great itineraries that avoided dodgy hotels and maintaining a good working relationship with the good ones and pick great restaurants to visit. We’ve carefully organized public transport and other logistics to give our clients the best experience as they explore nature. When traveling alone, it can be confusing and complicated, however, with us, all you need is the right attitude and we’ll just take care of the rest for you.

Our expert leaders are aware of every part of the town and they know where to avoid when it’s dark, they are knowledgeable about how to haggle at markets and avoid scammers and pickpockets. They can ensure that you have a memorable experience without anything going wrong. Because you’re traveling on a group tour, you’ll meet with pleasant people from around the world that are ready to make new friends and they can also help watch your back as you do the same. That’s why traveling as a solo traveler on a group tour offers you all the flexibility and freedom that you desire as an independent traveler but without the risks.

Solo Travel FAQs

We believe that you have so many questions that will enlighten you better, so take a look at some frequently asked questions below.

Should I have my personal room?

It’s totally up to you and there’s no extra charge when sharing a room with someone who is of the same sex. However, if you like a little more privacy, then a single supplement is also available on most of our trips and it attracts a small extra charge. Please make sure you mention this when booking your trip and we will arrange it for you.

So how does the group time work?

Whether you’re traveling with your partner or traveling solo, our trips have a set itinerary, however, we’ve set aside time for your own exploration and there won’t be any pressure if you want the free time. Note that the amount of free time also depends on the trip style, so you can ask your guide for some tips and then head out alone or you can also hang out with the group and see how the day unfolds.

What would my group look like?

Our travelers are friendly, curious and open-minded and most of them chose to travel alone. Our group trips attract a mixture of tourists of different ages ranging from 25 to 65 and different genders. Although it’s a bit difficult to know who you’re likely to meet, however, rest assured that you’ll have fun and a memorable experience.

Is group travel cheaper than solo travel?

Averagely, solo travel on a group tour is far more cost-effective than going out on your own because you’re splitting the cost.

Useful Tips for Female Solo Travelers

Female solo travelers need to be careful when going out on an adventure or on tour. For this reason, we’ve come up with some useful tips to ensure the safety of female solo travelers.

Get close to the locals

It pays a great deal to know a little bit of the local language wherever you go, this offers you more rewards. The locals will definitely open up more if you’re knowledgeable about their language when compared to their response when you make requests in other languages they hardly know. Always consider the dress code of the country and locals as much as you can. You can always refer to our page on responsible travel for details of how to travel responsibly.

Plan ahead

Remember to keep an eye on the sunset when you’re engrossed in your interesting activities. Avoid catching public transport after dark especially when you’re on your own and carrying a backpack/suitcase/fancy camera/map. These kind of items screams ‘tourist’. This explains why traveling in a group is a smart move for a solo traveler regardless of gender. It’s always a good idea to have people around you because they’ll watch your back.

Watch your drink

When you’re in a new country, having a few drinks is a great way to sample the local brew. Whether you want to hang out with your fellow travelers or join a local city tour, it’s a great way to meet new people. However, if you’re on your own at the bar, then keep an eye on your drink and ensure that you don’t leave it unattended. After having a great night, avoid walking back to your accommodation on your own. The best thing to do is to carry your hotel’s business card with you and show it to a registered driver or taxi.


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