Usambara Mountain Trekking

Usambara Mountain is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, its range is about 70 miles long and 20-40 miles in width. Divided into West Usambara and East Usambara Mountains, the mountain has so much to offer tourists in the leisure world. Covered by a thick canopy of tropical forest, it offers beautiful terrain and wildlife that’s uncommon throughout the rest of Africa.

The East Usambara Mountains are home to more than 30 species of reptiles that can’t be found elsewhere and 50 tree species. Much of Usambara Mountain is used in the production of sisal, coffee and some species of rice that are grown in swampy foothills. Evidence Eco-tours offers you the chance to experience the beauty and wildlife of nature as you trek Mt Usambara. A perfect way to enjoy your leisure time.

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